The canning industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of the Galician economy. 50% of Spanish canning companies are to be found in our region. But if we consider the size of these companies, their importance becomes even more apparent: 80% of those employed in the sector live in Galicia.

Quality is a decisive factor in products of this kind, and our waters provide us with outstanding natural material in this sense.

The province of A Coruña is home to a long list of canning companies, several of which can count on over a hundred years of experience, whilst others, more recent arrivals on the scene, are opening up new avenues with innovative products such as seaweeds or abalone.

The opportunity to visit these companies, discover the traces of the history of the canning industry, have your eyes opened by museums that are the living memory of an age-old tradition, explore places of outstanding natural beauty or enjoy a boat trip are some of the things this project will enable you to do.